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Knight Light

“Is it Bad?”

“I'm not sure what exactly you mean, but the answer is probably yes.”

-Ruff Knight asking Knight Light the ultimate question.

A cluster cape with Atlas, Glyph and Cottonmouth

Status Active
Classification Breaker
Faction Avalon
Alias Staccato, Jude Campbell
Age 12
Origin Unknown


Capable of entering a state where reality folds around them like a cocoon, warping the space time continuum to grant enhanced speed, and even teleportation. The armour can be vaguely controlled, and also weaponised, including being able to rubber-band the armour into a physics defying wave of destruction. He can also merely partially stretch out the “rubber band”, allowing him to grow to 18 feet tall.

Inherited a minor master power which summons an orb of light, a minor striker power that summons a flaming whip, and a minor shaker power that generates a gravity well from his cluster mates.

Costume Description



Shorty (Adoptive Mother)

Avalon Capes in general








Triggered in the Museum Heist alongside Atlas, Glyph and Cottonmouth.

Was found wandering Grand Haven by multiple capes.

Was taken by Shorty to Avalon

Nearly died in Goodman Raid

Was adopted by Shorty

Attempted Suicide due to Personality Bleed from Cluster

Developed a “mysterious trump power” that he's keeping close to the chest.

Planned to kill Glyph with Cottonmouth and pin it on Atlas.

Was goaded by Atlas into killing Glyph.

Was kicked out of Avalon on advice of therapists.


Retired alongside Shorty.

Parahumans Online

Cute Kid. Excellent immune system. ~Prince Pestilent

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