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I have trouble with feeling emotions. While it comes naturally for others, it does not for me. And that makes me feel… wrong. Like something lesser.

Status Deceased
Classification Breaker
Faction Independant
Alias The Living Computer
Origin Grand Haven


Not much is known about what Malfunction actually was. She possessed a permanant breaker state, capable of melding into and controlling machinery. Machines that were possessed by Malfunction have been observed to exhibit strange abilities.

Costume Description

Malfunction is a glowing yellow holographic woman, partially see through and 5 feet tall, with a slim build and large, glowing white ovals for eyes. Her holographic form crackles with electricity, almost as if they were completely constructed from it. She resembles a human with puffy white hair that goes below the shoulders, and a feminine body, completely lacking any sort of reproductive organs. Her 'mouth' is usually not visible, unless she is speaking, in which it appears as a glowing white fissure where the mouth should be. Her voice is mechanical and feminine. She wears two plated steel gauntlets that almost go up to her elbows, and similarly structured armor on her legs, going up almost to her knees. The metal attachments seem incredibly advanced, partially melded to her body, and switch between being solid and holographic.



Malfunction, before her death, was known to be in a dedicated relationship with Penumbra.


Malfunction and Emperor fought on several occasions. She ended up an enemy of Labyrinth, being killed by Ragdoll.


Not much is known about Malfunction's past. She simply appeared in Grand Haven with no forewarning.

Parahumans Online
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