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Status Deceased
Classification Thinker
Faction /
Alias Timothy Lyons
Age 21
Origin Grand Haven


The Ability to turn Things they touch invisible and Control them. With Time could empower things under his Control with Electricity.

Costume Description

Monochrome Mime-esque Appearance, completed by a Tinker-Tech Face-Mask able to show their Emotions. Later Fashioned himself an Umbrella for his Implement of Choice.





Joined Revelation

Shortly after making his Debut as Cape in Grand Haven he was approached by a Cape named Ashley to Join the Newly Found Faction of Revelation, An Extremeist Group of Capes believing that Heroes were the Real Enemies of The People, acting for selfish and unworthy Reasons. For a Time he worked alongside them, never really identifying with their Ways. After getting Kidnapped and Tortured by Phalanx, he spied on Revelation for a few Weeks, before Revelation took a Cape named Starcrossed into their Custody. This brought the Ire of several other Factions onto Revelation, Phalanx, Respite and Terra among them. With the following Destruction of Revelation, Marceau was slowly moving towards Heroic Alignment.

Parahumans Online
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