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Masked figure

A new cape on the scene, with no official cape identity to speak of. Made their grand entrance by killing a local serial killer, the cape known as Oblivion. Has shown off a small suite of changer-like abilities, and is claimed to be able to share these with others.

Status Active
Classification Changer, Trump (Speculative)
Faction Independent
Age 18
Origin Grand Haven


Has shown of a small handful of abilities including growing additional limbs, stretching and altering their flesh, teleportation, exploding, and creating weapons out of solid blood. Reported to have above-average emotional senses, and claimed to be able to grant powers, though this has not been confirmed.

Costume Description

Purchased from local tinker Torrent, the masked figure's costume is simple, and covering.



Oblivion (Formerly)


A recent arrival on the scene, outside of their debut event of killing Oblivion the mysterious masked figure hasn't done much in the days since their debut. Perhaps there is more to come from this strange new cape.

Parahumans Online

Absolutely loving Billys new costume ~Blockbuster

His name is clearly Skullknife ~GrammarCommie

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