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“Fuck off! it's CAPTAIN Midas.”

Status Inactive
Classification Tinker
Faction Independent
Alias Unknown
Age Unknown
Origin Canberra


His specialty has been described as “Making Problems” but these problems often take the form of small anomalous objects known as Havocs. these tiny pieces of tech are incredibly destructive and chaotic, and extreme caution is advised when interacting with them, as they tend to activate into a variety of energy based phenomena with variable levels of collateral damage.

Costume Description

He's never seen without a golden morph suit that is far more durable than it appears. Often dressing for comfort rather than practicality, the morph suit is accompanied by a blue dressing gown and some Ugg boots. The only visible tinker-tech on him is a gleaming silver backpack, which appears to be far more spacious than it seems at a glance.



Occasionally works in conjunction with the Grey Market




New arrival, Claims to have served in France, but little else is known.

Parahumans Online

Stagemaster. ~ Hello! I'm Whisper! Also Midas is pretty cool?

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