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Myth of Er

Myth of Er, also known as Myth, and publicly as Beatrix Arkwright, is a cape and self-proclaimed “alchemist” who is constantly confused with being a c53 due to her extreme mutations. She is a short mutant woman, with four arms, pitch black eyes, large feline ears, and a body covered almost entirely in dark fur and white markings sprawling across her body.

Myth of Er was once known as Ex Nihilo, and currently has a “demon” in her head named Trixie, which occasionally takes over her body.

Status Retired
Classification Tinker
Faction Belladonnas
Alias Beatrix Arkwright
Age 22
Origin Grand Haven, USA


Myth of Er has an unorthodox tinker ability, capable of weaving together cosmic strings and making suns, nebula clouds, moons, comets and exoplanets, and even black holes, all on a micro level.

She is also capable of making animate, “living” statues out of stone.

Costume Description

In costume, Myth of Er fashioned herself after a spellcaster of sorts, with a large witch or wizard hat, a long billowing cape, and a skirt with moon imagery. She wore a pale expressionless mask which only showed her starry eyes.



Turntable: Ex-lover, deceased.

Vermillion: Ex-lover, no longer together.

Chimera: Deceased.

Mononoke: Deceased.

Captain Blowout: Deceased.

Screwtape: Deceased.

Cassiel: Closed friend, currently traveling the world with.

Vesuvius: Helped Myth get out of her depression after losing Turntable.

Sol Invictus: Friend.


Renegade: Ex-lover.


Myth woke up in an empty parking lot with no memory of who she was or how she got there, save for her memories of an endless void which she “came from”. She briefly went by Ex Nihilo, thinking herself a goddess in mortal flesh.

Months afterward, she had a “reality check”, and changed her name to Myth of Er, as well as adopting a public alias, instead adopting a wizardly aesthetic. She founded a library, the Arkwright Institute.

After refusing to attend the fight with Behemoth, almost all of Myth's faction died off, and she slunk into a depression.

She retired after the death of the Belladonnas, leaving Grand Haven and travelling the world with a friend.

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