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Communicating through solely a strange series of beeps, N1k1's body glows from within, electricity, frost and other esoteric effects pulse off of his body rhythmically.

Status Active
Classification Striker
Faction Independent
Alias Nikolai Yahontov
Age 24
Origin Russia


A striker, with the ability to channel elements from the orbs circling in his chest, N1k1 is able to strike hard and generate defenses by channeling his power through his body, though his power has only minor manton limitations on himself, causing him some harm in turn.

Costume Description

Wearing a puffy looking coat over a costume with a robotic aesthetic, N1k1 seems to lean in to their communication disability and the electrical aesthetic his main form of attack has.



Sudenica Kate Yakovenko Bogatyr




Seeming to have little to no interest in either heroics or villainy, N1k1 mostly seems to leverage their pseudo-celebrity status as a cape and their powers for their own, mundane day-to-day benefits.

Parahumans Online
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