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Oni Girl

Oni Girl is the leader of Kami and one of the most infamous capes in the city. She is a hard hitting and adaptable brute who emits a constant aura of violence and death. Her appearance shifts from month to month, as her mastery over herself is second to none.

Status Active
Classification Brute
Faction KAMI
Age Unknown
Origin Japan?


Cyclical opening of 'gates' during combat, locking and unlocking new abilities as the fight goes on. Constantly is surrounded by a master/stranger aura of violence.

Costume Description

Varies over time. Can completely change skin color, facial features, height, body parts, body language, etc. Has a single swollen eye that remarkably resembles Behemoths.



Most of Kami members.


People who annoy her.


Oni Girl came to Grand Haven as Kami was crumbling. She stepped in as a stabilizing force, carving out a reputation with the strength of her fists. She helped kill Paid Programming and the Vices, defeated Manwhale, the leader of Gaia in single combat, leading to the end of Gaia as an organization. She's created a stable drug trade and weapons smuggling system. Finally, Oni Girl has helped fight off Behemoth.

Parahumans Online
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