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Peeking Debbie

Status Unknown
Classification Striker/Tinker
Faction Dominion
Alias Roswella53 on PHO
Age Presumed to be in late teens
Origin Grand Haven


Tinker with specialty in explosives or spheres. Known to throw cloaked spherical explosives with superhuman precision that can explode into various effects and can be used for other effects such as teleportation. Possesses a tinkertech revolver that fires bullets that demonstrate various explosive effects. Also known to create small spheres with various effects, most notably is currently is one that creates a spherical slime-like creature that rests on their shoulder.

Costume Description

Costume looks like a DJ alien like being with a visor-like mask with LED lights to display their facial expressions and a rebreather. Their jacket and jeans are both made with a sort-of tacky silvery material and hanging off their sides are two bulging messenger bags. Holstered on their back is a slim riot shield and a bow and quiver and on the right side of their hip is a strange-looking revolver.



Dominion, Frostwarden


Uplift, Frostwarden


Has not been sighted during another major event to date. Reported to linger around the haunted house on Waverly Avenue and the south side of Grand Haven.

Parahumans Online

Quote - “Well if we are beast, then we must be terrifying beasts that you are afraid of.”

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