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Uplift's Time Tinker extraordinaire. Rigidly confused in his morality.

Status Active
Classification Tinker
Faction Uplift
Age 16 (Usually)
Origin New York City


Time Tinker, especially slowing down and

Costume Description

Procyon still wears his traditional Daybreak uniform from the old times, but the clouds are now Uplift Green. He wears no mask or helm, nor does he carry anything. He is approximately 5'8“, and is slim. His hair is blond, his eyes are bright, glowing red, and he has fair, excellent skin. He has a bracer on his arm and two


Myriad? Archangel? Cmon dont lewd him hes not legal


Archangel? Shorty? Myriad?


All villains, apparently.


Helped fight the Nightningales. Briefly was scarred via a bad tinker interaction. Helped with raids on the Goodmans. Currently runs the Nightclub.

Parahumans Online

Click. ~Guest2347

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