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Professor Boom

Professor Boom is a Female Noise-Tinker from Traverse City, that currently is affiliated with the Grey Market and Blockbuster Productions.

Status Active
Classification Tinker
Faction Grey Market
Alias Cara Saunders
Age 34
Origin Traverse City, USA


Noise-Tinker, able to build Tinkertech that emits Noise and Sound, was turned blind by Power.

Costume Description

Professor Boom appears as a middle-aged Woman, clad in a Tinkertech-Suit, with Sonic Gauntlets and a little Voice-Amplifier strapped to her hip. Several pieces Of Tech are at her Disposal, but most obvious are 2 Bass-Speakers at her Back, that seem to be aligned like a Jump-pack.



Blockbuster Productions

After a short time with the Grey Market a partnership between Blockbuster and Professor Boom formed, leading to a casual Friendship between the Movie-Cape and The Sound-Tinker. Although Boom is Supportive of Blockbusters Creative Endeavors, she also keeps an Eye on the definitely Younger Cape.


The Grey Market

The Grey Market took Boom in shortly after her arrival in Town and supplied her with the Securities of a grander Organisation and a Network of Capes. In the Wake of their emergence she started to come out of her shell more easily, being relatively reclusive before.


No Nemeses have yet Emerged.


Before becoming a Cape Cara worked as a Sound-Engineer/Designer at a very successful Production Studio for Game-Design. Triggered due to Tinnitus. Moved to Grand Haven after Losing a DJ-Battle against another, Unknown Cape, and destroying their Equipment in the Aftermath. Reparations have been paid. When they arrived at GH they got a Workshop and just recently released a new Album under their own Label “Boomtown Records”

Recently they had a Big Gig at the Infamous Party by Blockbuster, where they were DJ'ing.

Parahumans Online
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