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Highly unstable independent with a propensity for changing identity. Currently a member of the cape terrorist group known as the Nightingales.

Status Retired
Classification Brute/Changer
Faction Nightingales
Alias Craig McMann, Saint Salvage, Avengel, Bulwark
Age 17
Origin Grand Haven


Created and controlled a large, seemingly mechanical suit of armor, drawing mass from rubble and scrap. Could form it into a variety of tools and weapons, including a variety of energy weapons.

Costume Description

10 foot tall suit armored suit, often with various attachments in place of the arms and legs. Colors varied from persona to persona.





Peeking Debbie


Joined a short lived villain group called The Prestige.

Soon left and became a solo hero named Saint Salvage. Switched frequently between this and his original identity.

Had a brief stint as a violent vigilante named Avengel.

Was infected by Venetian during the Nightingale arc.

Voluntarily joined up with the Nightingales under the name Bulwark, slaughtered a mercenary group and destroyed a lighthouse at their direction.

Kidnapped Peeking Debbie and used her as leverage to secure the release of Cyrano, fled the city.

Parahumans Online
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