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“An injury to one of us is an injury to all. And an injury to me will be an injury to you.

Status Active
Classification Trump
Faction The Union
Alias Lucienne Rouseaux, Elise Rouseaux
Age 21
Origin Paris


Redshift is a C70, two twins forcibly sharing one body. The result is a breaker/shaker/trump with two main forms. Lucienne is the trump twin, creating zones of colored light that bestow weak powers including superior balance, dangersense, regeneration and reflexes. Elise, her sister, is a breaker of explosive light. When Lucienne swaps to Elise, her zones of light turn into explosions of power.

Lucienne has described the void in which the sisters are trapped as “a sunken place” where no sound or sensation is felt, beyond a continual fall into a drowning void. It is not pleasant, and the sisters occasionally panic and seize control from one another.

Costume Description

Redshifts costume is a mix of french and american revolutionary pastiche, with few concessions to modernity. She often carries a bright red union propoganda banner.



Kingpin, Forge, Naiad, Queen, Matria, Incision, Holly.


Lucienne. Elise. Capitalist scum.


Founded the Union, a far-left wing villain group.

Occupied the Fairbanks Factory.

Orchestrated a campaign to destablize the hero groups and GHPD in Grand Haven, including breaking Queen out of Jail, engineering political anti-cape riots, and bombing the GHPD station.

Challenged the entire Warmongers faction (9 capes) to a duel single handed. Won.

Occupied the town hall, outsting the mayor and removing the police and PRT from grand haven. Led the Union to seize control of all major hopsitals and banks, effectively conquering Grand Haven. Declared the formation of a people's assembly in central grand haven.

Ordered the Warmongers to make a suicidal attack on the mayor, resulting in 6 deaths and the triggering of the Mayor.

Soundly defeated the heroic response, defeating 10 heroes who attacked the Union factory and assembly.

However, Lucienne, the moderate twin, was killed by the last hero standing, Andromeda. In response, Elise began a rampage, executing the fallen heroes and initating the Red Rampage.

Parahumans Online
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