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A mysterious cape whose mind is split into several different personalities and powers.

Status Active
Classification Breaker
Faction ???
Alias Varies
Age Varies
Origin London, England


Remsleep cycles through multiple different states of existence, each with their own different abilities, and by some observations, each breaker state has its own distinct personality.

Costume Description

No known costume. Instead, listed below is the known list of Remsleep's personalities.

(OOC: all items listed in italics are false OOC).

Action: According to some rumors, is believed to be Remsleep's true form, but this has never been confirmed. Has no powers in this form, and is strangely capable of using firearms and explosive devices.

Fantasy: A demonic-looking creature that conjures fire as well as bright blue “hellfire” in circles around her.

Horror: An alien predator that relies entirely on its terrifying speed and talons.

Romance: An ethereal guardian that shields herself and her allies with minor “astral interferences”.



Asfales: A very pretty dragon! (Romance)

Cadaverant: A very neat-looking guy! Owns a raccoon, so that's cool (Romance)

Bogatyr: Offered to sing karaoke with! (Romance)


GYBR: Tried to insult sister [Fantasy]. (Romance)

GYBR: Why am I supposed to be mad at them again? (Fantasy)


Operated in London, England for some time, dabbling primarily as a rogue mercenary, and lived as such for about a year. Due to unknown events and circumstances, she left the city without a trace. Why she fled to Grand Haven, Michigan of all places is unknown.

Parahumans Online

wow, perhaps American capes are more interesting than i thought! they apparently have holes :) ~strangefinder

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