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“Somewhere else, something else. Anything.”

Status Active
Classification Tinker
Faction Uplift
Age 17
Origin Grand Haven


Tinker of unknown specialty.

Costume Description

Their face is covered by featureless black pane.

In colder weather or at night, they are prone to wear a somber double-breasted black coat with narrow gold trim over their costume. It reaches down to their knees. Under the coat, they wear a light-blue bodysuit with a high collar. A cravat is tied around their neck, displaying their faction allegiance to all. The bodysuit's shoulders are puffed out, evoking medieval dress. The fabric around the arms is thinner, looking almost bare, ending in heavy battle gauntlets.

They wear slim-fit trousers that are tucked into knee-length boots.





Anyone who uses their power to kill.


Secretly part of Uprising

Organized the Deep Court raid

Stopped FosseGrim's rampage.

Parahumans Online

Renaissance is the kind of person you always want at your side ~Shortstack

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