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Vicious, powerful, shot through with an undercurrent of spite. Known for having developed instability and a penchant for disproportionate response.

Status Inactive
Classification Blaster
Faction Independent
Alias Leitmotif
Age 20s
Origin ?


Requiem can emit pulses and waves and bursts of sonic energy with variable range and force, using them for attack, their recoil for movement, and seems to have an unclear control over personal momentum.

Costume Description

Requiem wears a stiff gray longcoat over a sharkskin waistcoat and pair of pants, swordsman's boots, a black dress shirt, and a blood-red cravat. The ensemble is accented with silver fittings. A lance hangs on a sheath at his side, bright silver and undecorated, though it's often in his black-leather grip. His face and part of his head are covered by an exaggerated half-mask made of metal: Gray with gold accents, its inward-curving nasal covers his face to his chin, and the upper flanges rise through his hair and part-way around his head, giving the impression of a crown of horns. On the coat is pinned a golden badge, etched with a crown.





All surviving members of Horde

All surviving members of Safeguard




Was known to have joined the Elite under Debutante. Nearly died in his first engagement when a javelin struck him in the skull. By his own admission, worked primarily as a troubleshooter.

Rose to some internal prominence during the Nightingale assault on the city, having participated in and completed several information gathering and assault forays.

Was present during the reintegration of his cell into Dominion. Took control of his organization upon the death of Debutante and the defection of Templar. Headed and captained Operation Elizabeth Tower to success, ending the Nightingale presence in the city. Rumored to have been involved in an event within the Blacksite.

Would make attempts to salvage organization, taking on several notable recruits into organization, linked to low-level organized crime. Was linked to having sanctioned and possibly committed murders during this time, most notably of Horde member Uraeus, allegedly for the sake of his lieutenant, Frostpunk.

Attended and was prominent in a moot of powered criminal elements.

Despite efforts, organization could not be salvaged and collapsed, members going their separate ways or into obscurity altogether. Notably, Frostpunk was arrested, released, and subsequently joined Avalon.

Was known to spend his time in desultory fashion in his former headquarters, now essentially his private residence. On the event of Frostpunk's death at the hands of her teammate, demanded to meet with representatives of Avalon. Was ignored.

Linked potentially to having advised a number of people in their efforts at organized crime. Months later, was involved in the theft of a small plane with neophyte villain Queen. Seems to have formed a friendship or an association with Queen.

Some time later, was involved in the bioterror attack by Prince of Pestilent Plagues, having been present in the water treatment plant when the poisoning occurred. Was said to have very nearly killed Haunt and to have killed Templar. Motivations alleged by Prince to be vengeance for his dead lieutenant.

Was involved in several events involving the further bioterror threat. Threatened Avalon with root and branch destruction if they failed to execute Wild Hunt, who was an associate of Queen who eventually tried to kill the same. Wild Hunt eventually found dead, Avalon member Minos sent away on a sabbatical.

Was present during the final assault to steal the city keys, with Prince and the Royals. Betrayed Prince Pestilent with the Royals after having nearly cleared the defenders. Left in an airplane.

Has not been definitively seen since. Status unclear.

Parahumans Online

*The only cape I know of who got smarter after he took a javelin through the head ~Debustated*

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