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Sol Invictus

Sol Invictus was the founding leader of Grey Market. She has left a mark as a women who sleeps around for a general term, but also has aquired many friends throughout the city. After leading Grey Market for awhile, she decided that her life was better spent with the people she cared about rather then fighting useless squabbles for the city. So she left with her fiances and adopted daughter.

Status Active
Classification Trump
Faction Grey Market
Alias OOC: Lily ????
Age 20
Origin OOC:Some town in the middle of nowhere


Sol Invictus has a breaker state which surrounds her body in harsh white flames. These flames are then used to attack but primarily to adjust the emotions and powers of those whom they touch. Her mastery over her own flames allows her to fly and see emotional shift within others.

Costume Description

Sol Invictus wears a scarlet red suit and cloak with white accents on both, combat boots, and a stylized golden sun mask. Her outfit is complete style over function due to the protections of her power.



(for now all of this is OOC because its 4 am and I don't have time nor energy to change it)

Chirugeon: Cluster-mate, Close friend, Faction-mate

Vesuvius: Former Lover, Close friend

Torrent: Close friend, Self Proclaimed Asshole

Empress: Adopted Daughter, Close friend, Faction-mate

Blockbuster: Close friend, Faction-mate

Spellbound: Former lover, Friend

Facade: Close friend

Elysium: Friend

Nova: Friend, Ally

Cold Snap: Former lover

Churchgrim: Former lover, Close friend

Backup: Fiance Faction-mate

Skincrawl: Fiance

Sangria: Close Friend

Indomitable: Former lover, Friend

Midas: Friend, Faction-mate

Belial: Friend, Faction-mate

Haemortus: Cluster-mate, Faction-mate

Professor Boom: Friend, Faction-mate


Sol has no individual enemies, except those who would hurt the ones she cares about.


Founded the faction Grey Market with Chirugeon

Had sex with entirely too many people

Got hitched and left town to live in a farm upstate

Parahumans Online

DiscoFever: How many people is Sol fucking anyways???

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