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“My name is Sovereign, former leader of deep court. I give life”

Status Active
Classification Master
Faction The Deep Court
Alias Hysteria
Age Upwards of 80 years
Origin Johannesburg


Able to create customisable short lived minions to fill a wide range of roles, power is theorized to have a secondary changer aspect, but reports are unconfirmed.

Costume Description

The creature resembles a large bipedal insect, similar to a grasshopper, the head hosts two large compound eyes, which are colored a neon blue and large mandibles that click together loudly. the entire body is covered in a thick white carapace that blocks even occasional bullets, the rest of the body is thin and lithe with the legs of the creature being reverse jointed, making it difficult for it to walk standing up for long periods and encouraging four legged movement. the most striking feature of the creature is its right arm, which is significantly thicker and pulses with neon blue veins, a mouth like orifice is situated in the palm of the hand, and the fingernails have been extended into what look like hypodermic syringes, ready to inject blue venom into its prey.

Typically wears a purple silken cloak resembling a pair of wings, does not usually wear any other covering



Ferrous, Fossegrim, Writhe, Prince pestilent, Haze




created the deep court as an attempt to promote chaos in the city and prevent non capes from rising up.

accused of murdering a cape named Sindri and cannibalizing his corpse, these rumors proved to be false.

Parahumans Online
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