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Status Active
Classification Breaker
Faction Terra
Age 26
Origin Grand Haven


Enters a breaker state that appears like a metal golem style creature. This golem produces a toxic grease which empowers their attacks. Limbs appear to be dis-connectable, capable of being controlled from a distance.

Costume Description

A rusted mannequin like golem with thin arms, and a body that leaks green corrosive oil. Their insides are stuffed with a variety of screws, nails, knives and pipes. Movement produces squeals of pressure and clanking sounds in their joints.


Outside of breaker form, wears long dark robes and a stainless steel mask that covers their entire face. Pouches filled with metal scraps lay on their hips.




Rebellion and the Resistance, all the others are dead.


Initially joined the Grand Haven scene as a member of Feast, but quickly changed their allegiance to that of Gaia.

Participated against the Vices while they caused havoc in Grand Haven, almost dying after a run in with several of their capes.

Participated in the rescue/kidnapping (sources vary) of Wellspring from an oil-rig.

Fought against Kami during the Gaia-Kami war before joining Terra in the wake of Gaia's collapse.

Planned out and helped construct the Eco-Dome project, located in downtown Grand Haven.

Fought the entire time against Behemoth, helping rescue and med-evac other capes. One of the few survivors

Captured Rebellion during the period of conflict between the Resistance and Terra. Released them to Blockbuster after defeating them.

Parahumans Online

There's something about them that gives me bad vibes. ~GoodDeedADay

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