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Local shitposter, arms dealer, self-proclaimed “city's best tinker” and over-all general irritation, Torrent is a recent arrival to the city of Grand Haven, and has quickly cemented themselves as someone who is “annoying, but not annoying enough to kill.”

Status Active
Classification Tinker
Faction Kami
Alias Micromanager
Age 19
Origin San Francisco


Controls a rapidly moving black, almost non-Newtonian “fluid” they've lovingly dubbed “The Soup.” Using the soup Torrent is able to create weapons and structures on the fly, the substance seemingly rapidly multiplying to suit their desires. The nature of this soup also seems to allow them to rapidly produce mundane weaponry and equipment usable by other capes.

Costume Description

A figure wearing a leather biker jacket with a prosthetic right arm, covered in patches of armor, covering their face is a bandana and goggles, which animate themselves, changing to express emotions, reacting to the figures speech, a toothy smile mimicking their speech, as well as dozens of other emoticons.



Churchgrim: Close friend, big oof.

Sangria: Lived in their warehouse.

Backup: Close friend, seemingly roommates.

Sol Invictus: Chum, thot.

Facade: Close friend.

Vesuvius: Faction mate and close friend.

Indomitable: Faction mate, love interest.


Silicate: They get into arguments on PHO, I just work here.


Moved to Grand Haven from San Francisco after dealing with apparent drama in their home town, Torrent quickly established themselves as a local arms dealer, quickly shedding their previous heroic persona, joining the local mafia, and being all around a bit of a dick, if an entertaining one. Torrent seems to have stayed somewhat on the down-low since moving to the city, though it's unclear if and when that may change.

Parahumans Online

HandsDown: prime you literally shitpost directly to PHO from your brain, I’m not totally convinced you won’t accidentally link pornhub when you see a cute guy walking down the street

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