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“The only thing blocking your escape is me and this alleyway. I want you to realize you're literally in-between a rock and a hard place.”

Status Active
Classification Brute / Breaker
Faction Children of Three, Wyldlife
Alias Budget-Avatar, Fur-face
Age Early 20s (Speculative)
Origin Grand Haven, USA


Totem is known to summon miniaturized cyclones made of fire, wind, and water. Overtime their destructive capabilities have strengthened, causing them to rely on martial combat rather than their super-human abilities.

“It's a pretty neat ability to show off there [Referring to the Smithy] you know? It's just unfortunate because I try not to use the fire tornado in public too much. The faces that are screaming in the tornado? That's not me I swear, it just does that.”

- Totem

Costume Description

When the hero first appeared in Grand Haven users on PHO speculated that they were three separate capes. A video posted by user “Xx_SquakGang_xX” shows the cape practicing switching breaker states in an abandoned parking lot. Each time the cape swapped states as did their costume confirming that they were a singular person.

Burning Bear (Fire Form) - The costume is composed of vans, stretchy jeans, an old fur coat and a black bear mask. There are skate pads on the joint areas. Their right arm has a bear paw gauntlet that that is speculated to be tinker-tech.

Furious Falcon (Wind Form)- The costume is composed of vans, stretchy jeans, a brown hoodie and a hawk mask. [Occasionally they're seen holding a skateboard.]* Citation needed

Shielded Shark (Water Form) - The costume is composed of combat boots, stretchy jeans, a yellow raincoat with a bulletproof vest underneath , opaque swimming goggles, and a bandanna that has shark teeth stitched into the fabric covering their nose and mouth.



Fossegrim (Updated 1/24/19)(Deceased: Kill-Ordered), Frostpunk(Updated Name) Frostwarden (Updated 1/25/19)(Deceased: Murdered) , Gravitas, Stellar, Firebrand, Inks, Rosie.


Goodmans, Peeking Debbie (Totem has contacted our admins and disproved this entry.)


Totem first made an appearance on PHO sometime in October of 2018 when a user named “SlimSk8r” requested information involving local capes. They later got in contact with a user by the name of “Squibbles” who offered them a place to stay.The PHO user Squibbles is publicly known as Inks.

Although this is still unconfirmed, plenty of evidence links the user “SlimSk8r” to Totem. They presided with Inks until a unidentified bomb destroyed their convenience mart, hospitalizing Inks and startling Totem. They nursed civilians to safety after ordering them to call the police. They publicly claimed that the Goodmans bombed the store worsening the criminal group's public opinion.

They were a frequent fighter at the Smithy, their loses are more numerous than their wins, but they attributed the failures to their success rates in missions around Grand Haven.

They cleaned up the Grand Haven skate-park where they mostly hang about.

They are known to be affiliated with the Church of Three.

They're the promoter of the Aethernet Night Club.

On 12/30/18 they were attacked in a local park by a cape mercenary known as Bloodhound. 192,000 dollars worth of damages were caused resulting in a loss of 3/4s of the botanical garden. Nobody knows why Bloodhound attacked Totem, but the mercenary was found dead at the scene with a .308 Winchester bullet lodged in their skull.

A civilian activist group called Wyldlife shares the same animal mask motif as Totem, he has publicly announced his leadership and support for the group.

He disappeared on January 1st 2019, claiming he was being targeted and doesn't want to place any civilian lives at risk. It's believed that they left the Grand Haven area to train, or are still in Grand Haven and in hiding. (Updated 1/15/19).

On Feburary 1st 2019 in the Obsidian Trees gated community a house was burned to the ground. There were multiple injuries, nobody is in critical condition and everybody is expected to make a full recovery. Reports say that a man wearing a black bull mask unloaded half a dozen grenades into the windows of the mansion. Totem alongside all known wyldlife members surrendered themselves quietly to the PRT. No statement has been made by any parties at this time. (Updated 2/12/19)

Parahumans Online

Totem? That cape is SOOOOO [expletive] lame. Who bends elements and doesn't name themselves Avatar? What a [expletive] joke. - MrNiceGuy102

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