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Hi! I'm Whisper!

Classification Tinker
Faction Unaligned
Alias None


Whisper's abilities have been extensively documented by footage from the Saint Germain massacre. They appear to be a tinker with a heavy focus on building weapons designed to cause panic and terror in victims. Beyond this, whisper's apparent status as a case 53 allows them the ability to mimic voices of their victims, and additionally to perform without many of the limits imposed by the human body.

Costume Description

Whisper is a tall, thin androgynous figure, standing at about 6’2. Despite the Bulky appearance of the armor they wear, they’ve never been seen without it, and it doesn’t seem to slow them down at all in combat, gracefully dancing between enemy attacks as if they’ve rehearsed it all beforehand.



Whisper has been described as highly talkative and emotional, considering everyone around them to be a friend they haven't met yet.


Whisper is wanted for war-crimes in the former soviet state of Yugoslavia


Whisper was responsible for the Saint Germain massacre, resulting in their disavowal from NATO after the UN outcry and global outrage. After this, whisper disappears off the map for about 10 years or so, Reappearing suddenly in grand haven under contract on a man called Victor Chain, During this point multiple sources claim they interacted with many of the capes within the city, taking on odd jobs around the city before vanishing back into the shadows.

Parahumans Online

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