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While tranquil, they gather kinetic energy from their environment, the air, even the blood beating in their veins. They can unleash it in bursts of extreme fury, but the loss of their defenses leaves them vulnerable in turn.

According to them, they also have the ability to see the future.

Status Active
Classification Brute
Faction Dozorni
Alias Kate Yakovenko
Age Early 20's
Origin Atkarsk, Russia


Emotion affects their power. Shifting through these stances gives alternate strengths or weaknesses. Known stances are Neutral, Calm, Wrath and Divinity.

Neutral is a balanced middle ground between Calm and Wrath and provides no discernible advantages.

Calm allows them to gather strength from their environment, and enhances their senses.

Wrath is an aggressive stance that increases their attack power, but leaves them open for retaliation.

Divinity seems to be a midpoint between Calm and Wrath, similar to Neutral, but requires significant focus, and can only be maintained for a short period of time.

Costume Description







GYBR (Missing)
Asfales (Left Grand Haven)
Oni Girl (Active)


Arrived in Grand Haven over a month ago, and in that time, has formed Dozorni alongside Bogatyr and helped to push Kami to it's brink.

In addition, they helped to found the Grand Haven Cape Museum and Gallery.

It is believed that they were somehow linked to the disappearance of GYBR, though no evidence has yet been found.

They called out Oni Girl through PHO, and their faction has taken a stance against Kami, intending to end the drug dealers presence in Grand Haven permanently.

Parahumans Online
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