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Crimson Day

A summary of the events up to, during, and after the Union Revolution.


Town hall burning, meeting with the mayor, Warmongers fight

The day of the Union Raid

1. Union was winning the two fights 2. Being the last person standing, Andromeda decided to kill Redshift half of BT (nobody else had gotten hurt at this point) 3. My half of Redshift goes full rage, kills Andromeda, then executes the captured heroes 4. Then inciteds a mob to burn down the Avalon base 5. At the same timne, veil pull off a scheme and explode the Safe Haven base

A Revolution in Red June 19th, 2019 - John Johnson, Grand Haven

There aren't many people who thought they would see a communist revolution in their lifetime on American soil, but that's exactly what happened in the unassuming town of Grand Haven, Michigan on June 16th.

It was, as far as communist revolutions go, fairly bloodless. The Union had burned down town hall, yes, and the Warmongers had all died brutally in a seemingly unrelated incident, but the death count was very near zero, if not actually zero.

Until last night.

The Union held most of the roads, hospitals, police stations, the power plant, and other strategic locations within Grand Haven. The PRT and National Guard had the city surrounded, but were holding back for unknown reasons - civilian presense? Orders from above? No one could be found for a concrete answer.

On June 18th, the heroes decided to make their move to take the city back. There were two fronts to the attack, the Union factory and another site they had plans to hold an assembly at. Not much is known about the specifics of each fight. Some say the Union won, some say they lost, there were rumors that Redshift died (these rumors were dispersed when Redshift was spotted later that night).

What is known, is the aftermath. Suddenly, it seemed the Union was tired of their bloodless revolution. A execution site was theatrically set up, and at least two capes - Dupe, and Ragnarus - were publically executed in a gruesome display not seen since the early 20th century. Reports came in that Archangel and Forge of Uplift were dead, as well as Andromeda from Avalon, killed in the fight before the executions. Ragdoll, Hail Mary, and Totem are all reported missing.

The violence did not stop after the executions. The Union marched through the streets, burning all in their path. Explosions rippled across the city. The Union made a stop at Avalon's base and put it to the torch. Rumours are that Uplift headquarters and Safe Haven's orphange were also burned down, the latter exploded. Several hospitals and banks were also burned down, with flames spreading to nearby buildings since the fire department was disbanded. The power plant exploded, plunging the city into darkness. The Union's progress was only halted when they came to the Royals' territory, where some say that that their vanguard of capes were beaten back.

Grand Haven is in a state of violence and chaos. Much of the civilian populace, those not already caught in the Union's rampage, flock to the edges of the city for escape. Many of the capes are missing, dead, or in hiding. There aren't many people who thought they would see a communist revolution in their lifetime on American soil, and, it seems, there won't be many left alive after to tell the tale.

Ultimately, the Union's downfall came from within. Redshift's remaining half began to pursue more and more radical measures for vengeance, burning down hospitals and murdering civilians outright. Eventually, the rest of the Union turned on Redshift when she proposed using their soldiers as suicide bombers. Redshift's second in command, Naiad, used the Union's surrender and custody of Redshift to negotiate an amnesty for the remaining Union capes. Order was restored swiftly thereafter, and the refugees began returning to Grand Haven. The attack left deep scars on the entire city, and nowhere moreso than the cape community. In the aftermath of the attack, all major hero organizations in the city were disbanded, including the formerly PRT-sponsored Avalon and independent Uplift.

List of executed Capes Forge Andromeda Chimeia Ragnar Dupe

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