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Status Defunct
Alignment Hero
Leader(s) Mid Knight

Mission Statement

Grand Haven is not a safe place. With the constant vying for territory, the influx of the powered into the city and the bouts of combat that have marred its streets. It has become almost inhospitable. Avalon strives to ensure the safety and security of the city’s residents and visitors. We wish to reduce crime and the fear of such crime in the community and seek to maintain a constructive dialogue with those in our territory to ensure they are kept out of harm’s way. A sanctuary shall be established and we shall defend it at any cost. Any and all civilians and parahumans alike are free to visit our sanctuary to help protect it or live in peace. We do not force anyone to fight if they do not want to. Everyone is free to make that choice as they see fit.

tl;dr - Avalon is a knight-themed hero faction who fancy themselves a safe haven for parahumans and humans alike. They mostly have pun names, which are terrible at best. Recently, Uplift transferred almost all their control of the city to Avalon.




Good Knight, Mid Knight, Ruff Knight, Knight O' Clock, Sir Rebral, K-9ght, Knight Light, Knight Marrow, Occam, Rosie, Silent Knight, Frostwarden

Parahumans Online
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