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Grey Market

Status Active
Alignment Rogue, Villain
Leader(s) Sol Invictus

Mission Statement

Grey Market stands for the continued existence of rogue work in Grand Haven, and exists to protect its members from forces that would usually prey upon the weaknesses of being independent.

1. Our members protect each other from being unable to offer their services, no matter where those threats may come from

2. It stands to promote work between independents, and increase the amount of co-operation between them so that we may all benefit

3. It gives entities in Grand Haven a way to contract large amounts of enterprising rogues at one time, and may provide discounts for employing more than one member at a time

Not only are combat mercenaries welcome to join. We wish to offer membership to non-combatant rogues who wish to have some support from a larger organization, without the pressure or rules that the current factions could bring. Are you a parahuman who mostly spends their time fighting in the smithy for honor and glory? Congratulations, You are a possible candidate for Grey Market.

In the end, Grey Market exists to serve its members. Any member is free to leave at any time, and we will not expect your time and resources such as the operations of Phalanx or Kami. Grey Market exists to be a low risk haven for capes that are still figuring out their path, or for Mercenaries looking for a group of like-minded individuals, and everything in-between. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to meet with one of our current members to discuss if Grey Market is the place for you.


Founded as a loose association of mercenaries.

Stirred up the Terra vs Rebellion situation, aquiring Wellpsring in the process and attracting the ire of Gladwell Industries.

Current Members: Sol Invictus, Avail, Backup, Belial, Blockbuster, Captain Midas, Churigeon, Empress, Haemortus, Professor Boom, Silicate

Parahumans Online

They know the cost of everything and the value of nothing. ~Debustated

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