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“Were not weebs I swear”

Status Active
Alignment Villain
Leader(s) Oni Girl

Mission Statement

Monopolize the drug trade within grand haven. Make the family strong.


After the collapse of Labyrinth and Convocation, a new force soon arose to dominate the city's crime. Kami, a shadowy yakuza offshoot founded by a nuclear family of Japanese emigres. Headed by their Patriarch Izanagi and his wife Izanami, the family came to Grand Haven to expand their drug empire, and soon carved out a large slice of territory. Boosted by the allegiance of local veteran cape Gizmo, the family looked all set to rule the drug trade with a firm but not-excessive hand.

In the violence surrounding a war with the cape Firewall, the Kami family descended into internal violence, leading to the death or second triggers of multiple family members, including Izanagi and Izanami. In the chaotic aftermath, a new figure arose to lead Kami: Oni Girl.

A savage and brutal warrior, Oni Girl rebuilt Kami and brought it to new heights. Dealing a new drug of her own devising, Demon Dust, Kami was soon a formidable force once more.

Kami was once more threatened by a bombing attack perpetrated by Gaia Inc.

Parahumans Online
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