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Status Active
Alignment Corporate
Leader(s) Tekna

Mission Statement

Desiring a brighter future for Grand Haven, Terra aims to help improve the environment through corporate projects, while their corporate team seeks to ensure that villains don't get the upper hand in the city.


In the wake of Gaia's collapse, rival company Terra picked up a lot of the former corporations capes. Tekna, Vesuvius and Rebellion all became a part of this new faction.

Their first order of business was the announcement of an eco-dome facility in downtown Grand Haven, designed to clean the lake of pollution and educate generations to come on how to properly treat wildlife.

During this time, Revelation became an active threat to hero groups Respite and Phalanx. Terra offered their assistance in a raid on the villain group, with Tekna holding the edge of the base in check while the other heroes faced off against the villains with their captive inside.

With Revelations defeat, there was a brief window of peace, whereupon Behemoth struck Kandy, Sri Lanka. Tekna and Vesuvius deployed, participating in the battle against the Endbringer. They both managed to survive, amongst the massive death toll.

Rebellion released Terra's corporate secrets. They stated that Terra was not in fact a rival company, but in fact Gaia, just reformed. They accused that the Eco-Dome was an insidious creation, and that Terra was planning something big, that would leave many people injured. They also brought to light that Terra had apparently kidnapped a tinker, called Wellspring from an oilrig nearby. Evidence could only prove that the Eco-dome had more functions than Terra was letting on, serving as a base and millionaires playhouse, complete with inside tennis courts.

Shortly after this betrayal, Terra was attacked by the Resistance, the faction that Rebellion associated with. They firebombed the Eco-dome, leaving several visiting children with severe burns, though the Resistance offers contradicting evidence that they were in fact not present at the Eco-dome at the accused time.

Tekna called out Rebellion and defeated them before handing them off to Blockbuster.

There have since been minor skirmishes with many of the cities factions, but nothing has tipped the boat yet.

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