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The Deplorables

“The Deplorables are here to get mean and make a scene!“ - Baron.

Status Defunct
Alignment Villain
Leader(s) Baron, Prince

Mission Statement

A chaotic band of thrill seeking villains recently arrived in Grand haven. The Deplorables aim to accomplish high profile but relatively benign crimes and capers.

As a side line, the Deplorables dabble in drugs, tinker tech and frankly illegal puns, but their mainstay activities are whacky capers and perverse parties.

Members are encouraged to keep to the unwritten rules and to entertain, rather than maim.


Large warehouse base by the docks. Most of the base is given over to tinker labs, arboretums rooftop garden and an extensive hydroponics facility.

Weed and Phage produced in the Warehouse is delt accross the city by the Deplorables 30 odd unpowered mooks.


Baron and Prince arrivied in Grand Haven, having migrated from the swamplands of Florida in January 2019.

Hijacked Grand Haven TV station to broadcast their arrival to Grand Haven.

Hosted a villain moot by Grand Haven Pier.

Established a substantial drug operation, distributing weed and tinker drugs like Phage.

Went Defunct after Prince went into seclusion to build his DOOMSDAY ROKCET, and subsequently tormented the city in the Phage arc.


Baron, Prince Pestilent, Siren, Arboretum, Arsenal, Atlas, Weeping Widow, Glyph, Sovereign, Merino.

Parahumans Online

Florida! why is it always Florida? ~BrooklynKnight

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