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“We will purge the weak and the cowardly of this craven city, and shatter its debauched and corrupt institutions.”

Status Defunct
Alignment Villain
Leader(s) DJ FlexMcGang

Mission Statement

A villainous gang dedicated to the olden ideals of honor, and glory in combat.


Formed by Case 53 DJ FlexMcGang in the late spring of 2019. Original members include Hopscotch, Blackguard, Dead Ringer, and Pain Train. When they attempted to kidnap the mayor for the union, Pain Train, DJ FlexMcGang, Blackguard, and Purge were all killed. The Warmongers disbanded after this as Mosaic, Hopscotch, Dead Ringer. and Patriarch were the only remaining members.

Shortly after formation, was challenged by Union leader Redshift in combat, Redshift alone against a gauntlet of Warmonger members.

The actions of Blackguard, bisecting Mancer and blinding Hurricane Holly, led to many factions marking the Warmongers as their enemies.


DJ Flex McGang-Leader and C53

Blackguard-Founding member and responsible for bisecting Mancer and blinding Holly(Deceased)

Hopscotch-Tinker and one the founding members

Pain Train-Brute and mentally deficient(Brain dead)

Patriarch-Master with several baby like minions

Mosaic-Master with a construct capable of copying powers

Violin-Tinker and well-known villain

DJ Flex McGang-A Changer/Thinker, leader, and founder (Deceased)

Purge-Member with the power to heal others (Deceased)

Parahumans Online
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