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New Player Guide


Welcome to Grand Haven! This document is intended to outline the process to get you jumping into the game. If you ever have any question during character creation, you can ask in the #new-player-discussion channel or in #chat or ask your GM.

Character Creation

First Step: Generating a power

Send a trigger (or cauldron vial) to a(n) (A)GM, along with any wishes if you have them. They're pretty amenable. The GM is your “shard” - they decide what you can and can't do, and you can always talk to them for clarifications. You can identify them by their blue colour in the sidebar.

They will generate a power based on the trigger and come back to you with your power. This process might take a while, so use the time to get a feeling for the RP!

Most people opt to keep their power specifics and sheet (somewhat) secret.

You can get community-written triggers by using the %trigger command in #rolls.

Second Step: Perks and Flaws

As a further step in fleshing out your power, when given the go-ahead you roll a power perk, a life perk, a power flaw and a life flaw.

Perks generally improve your character, while flaws are negative. You can check here to get a rough idea of them. You can roll your character's perks and flaws in the #rolls channel. There's a bot that will print them for you if you use the %perk power, %perk life, %flaw power, %flaw life commands.

Keep in mind that perks will never apply as they're written, even if it is something simple like +1 Ath. Always talk to your GM first.

Sometimes perks/flaws are hard to apply to a power or don't really apply to GH. Your GM will let you know to reroll those. Don't reroll perks without your GM's approval.

Third Step: Creating your character

Fill out the character sheet (make a copy under File > make copy), You should flesh out your backstory etc., but it's not a high priority.

The most important thing is distributing your stats & skill points and filling in your power, as well as perks/flaws.

Stats will heavily depend on your power. Talk to your GM about what would make sense. You can find out about what stats do here. Barring any superstats (which your GM will explain), you get 3 points in each stat, which you can move around at your leisure.

Look at the skill points section on the rulebook. You should max out one attacking skill and one defense skill (evade for athletics, withstand for brawn/guts, or parry). You start play with one skill at 4, two skills at 3, 3 skills at 2, and 4 skills at 1. Then, you gain additional skill points equal to your knowledge pips. Each skill is associated with a stat, and you can't have more points in a skill than you have in a stat. The fifth pip is a specialization, which you can choose from the given options.


Each character starts play with 1000$ to their name. You can afford a Tier 2 costume with this. You'll also need to shop for weapons if you power requires those.

You should also fill in what other kinds of equipment your character takes to fights.

Fourth Step: Progression

As you fight and enter conflicts with other capes, your shard unlocks more of its abilities, represented by power perks and augments. This is abstracted by your shardrep level. Shardrep starts at 0, and climbs as you fight other capes.

Your cape also grows in skills and stats over time. Every week, if a character has played out a scene where they utilized the skill or stat they are trying to train, they can gain up to 1 stat point and two skill points.

New life perks are obtained by completing major character milestones. A character milestone should be a significant, long-term goal for them: drastically altering their public appearance, establishing a new organization against all odds, or something else. Milestones need to be approved by your GM in advance.

Fifth Step: Choose a faction

Most people play in one of the factions. Going Independent is also an option, but not recommended because most of the interesting RP happens in-faction, with fights between factions the primary cause of the drama.

Best Step: Playing

To start playing, just write up something in one of the RP channels. It could be your character coming to the heroes' base to officially join, or your cape approaching the villains for a place in their gang, or just taking your first stroll out in costume.

The AGMs occasionally run “events”, where the factions of the city must unite against a common enemy. These can be S-Class threats like the Endbringers and the Slaughterhouse Nine, as well as lower level threats, such as new gangs encroaching upon the city or A-Class villain teams assaulting the city. Events may have a much higher chance of death than a usual fight between factions.

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