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Why're you hitting yourself?

Status Active
Classification Brute
Faction Leader of his own group
Age ??
Origin ??


Seemingly unaffected by Manton limit. Fought and killed Damocles. Has been shown to survive explosions without a scratch, get stabbed yet the stabber takes the pain and damage, redirect the cold of a cryokinetic field toward the cryokinetic, and displace the force of a slap to a brick wall nearby. When he has displayed impressive feats of durability, it has always been associated with the death of those near him or at least, high collateral death in his immediate vicinity.

The current theory is that Bully magnifies then displaces harm, whether area-of-effect or targeted, to targets around him. There is a proximity factor to his potency. Do not engage in close combat. A death precognitive has seen two possible deaths - old age and water. Suffocation through environmental causes is the prevailing idea of how to take him down. Separate him from allies as much as possible. Do not engage alone.


Costume Description




Raid - dead. Mime - dead. Doctor Wonderland. Scatter. A mysterious skull-faced girl. Possibly more parahuman allies.


Damocles - dead. Damocles' group - dead or scattered. All of Grand Haven (or so Frostwarden hopes).


Used to be a Protectorate hero, but left without making much impact or fighting much.

Visited Grand Haven alongside his 'rival' group, led by Damocles. Damocles died after this incident.

Mastermind behind the current Pink Elephant plague on the city.

Parahumans Online

Who's the bully guy anyways? ~Reign

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