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Dr Nefarious

“Good Morning Grand Haven! It is I, your soon-to-be ruler Doctor Nefarious!!”

“You'll be happy to know I've made the orange juice industry quite wealthy! Why is that? Well you see, I have bought every container of orange juice and lemonade in Grand Haven! It will take weeks for them to restock! In the meantime, I have set a bomb that will be releasing a poison into your water supply. Gasp! A poison? Quite right! This poison will cause mild irritation to those with a Vitamin C deficiency. And the only source of Vitamin C will be MY lemonade stands!”

The next minute or so of maniacal laughter is accompanied by further pyrotechnics.

“Now then heroes! The clock is ticking! My bomb will go off this Saturday! How will you…”

Status Active
Classification Tinker
Faction None
Age ???
Origin ???


Tinker with unkown speciality. Previous builds include lemonade plague, robots, bombs, mecha, mutant alligators and cat girls.

Costume Description




Sharon (assistant/wife)



Carried out the lemonade bombing

Imprisoned shortly after. Broken out by Reign, Henchman and others.

Carried out a variety of schemes and japes.

Opposed by Mr Benevolent.

Accidentally unleashed a cat girl AI. “Died” sacrficing himself to defeat it.

Revealed his survival at his funeral.

Parahumans Online

Example comment. ~examplecommenter

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