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Leader of the Nightingales.

Status Imprisoned
Classification Trump
Faction Nightingales
Alias ?
Age ?
Origin ?


All ratings are tentative unless stated otherwise. Threat Class: A, but perhaps a potential S-Class.

Trump/Striker 8 - Victoria is apparently able to steal powers from downed parahumans. She can also grant a powerful resurrection ability to other Nightingales similar to her own.

Brute ? - Victoria is able to resurrect herself completely from death. It is unknown how this effect can be countered, or how it relates to her granting similar powers to the Nightingales. Current theories relate this ability to her medallions.

Blaster/Shaker 4 - Victoria has displayed pyrokinetic blasts with a large area of effect. Fire sticks to combatants who defend against it, inflicting worse wounds than normal.

Blaster 5 - Victoria has displayed enormous aerokinetic blasts that can push even tough Brutes around with ease.

Shaker 4 - Victoria can control thorns and brambles within an unknown radius, sending spikes to stab at foes within her radius.

Shaker 2 - Victoria can radiate a burst of damaging cold.

Stranger 9 - Victoria has displayed near perfect shapeshifting into other human beings such as Sherlock. Her powers remain while transformed, so watch out for parahumans and humans displaying powers they don't possess and Victoria has.

Brute 3 - Victoria has a personal forcefield which can disperse a few hits.

Blaster 5 - Victoria can fire off a barrage of laser attacks, range is unknown.

Shaker 6/7 - Victoria can manipulate fire in an area to create walls of flame and set entire areas alight. This may be related to her Overcharge power, where an area beneath her turns red presumably from heat.

Thinker 7 - Victoria can manipulate and communicate within dreams. It is unknown if she has limitations to this power.

Stranger 8 - Victoria has displayed the ability to create extremely realistic illusions from a range. This may be the same power as her shapeshifting.

Mover 7 - Victoria can teleport simultaneously with an unknown number of people with an unknown range.

Mover 5 - Victoria is able to teleport Nightingales who are unconscious or asleep to her, seemingly no matter where they are. She may need to mark teleportation targets beforehand.

Master 10 - Victoria can summon thralls of dead and perhaps living Nightingales. These thralls seem to retain the abilities of the Nightingales as they were in life.

Victoria undoubtedly potentially has more powers than described within this document. Assume all information is incomplete when facing Victoria, and do your best to update the database with new powers displayed.

Costume Description



As leader of the Nightingales, her friends, if you could call them that, are all the murderbirdies.






Parahumans Online

Ugh. ~Frostpunk

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