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The Aethernet Nightclub

Status Active
Location Square 40
Owner(s) Renaissance, Shorty, Debutante (deceased), Blacklight (inactive)


The Aethernet is a, simply put, a cape nightclub. Owned by capes, staffed by capes, and run for capes, Aethernet provides a safe space and a neutral ground for Grand havens caped population.

A huge construction next to Lake Michigan, the Aethernet Club is the latest and perhaps greatest addition to Grand Haven’s skyline and social scene. A bustling hotspot of tourism and debauchery, the Aethernet draws locals and visitors to its cavernous interior, where it offers lively tunes, beautiful patrons, and tinkertech entertainment. In the day, tourists are welcomed to its elegant rooftop, where top class cuisine is served by a variety of human and robotic staff. It is at night, however, that the club truly comes alive. Punters are welcomed at the entrance and given tinkertech wristbands that monitor their comfort and offer a variety of exciting functions such as in-club matchmaking and drink ordering. Entering the club, they will notice that many of the bouncers and staff are capes – or the creation of capes. Androids roam the club, working alongside human staff to deliver top notch service and entertainment. A side room in the lobbey is filled with hammocks and pillows made of white material, and they are incredibly comfy.

From the spacious lobby and bar space, punters may go into one of the Aethernet’s many dance floors, each floor set aside for different genres and themes, from the club’s primary cyberpunk themed dance floor to the elegant semi-formal ballroom and live-music space on the top floor. For the guest more interested in business than pleasure, Aethernet offers a variety of discrete meeting rooms with heavy security and discrete protections against eavesdropping and espionage. Tinker tech tattoos and augments are rumored to be avaliable, as well as other items and entertainments.

And of course, for those interested in more…. There might be. Upon request.


Large dancefloors and bars Rooftop pool


Founded by Debutante and her backers in 2018 Nuked by Templar during the Nightingales arc. Reopened in christmas of 2018.


Parahumans Online
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