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The King's Ransom

Status Active
Location Square
Owner(s) Kingpin, Redshift, Queen, Naiad


For the villainous and vile, there is a place you can go to drink and work in style.

The King's Random can be found in the basement of a disused left-wing bookshop. Approaching a certain bookshelf and speaking a password will reveal the entrance to a swanky bar space, the walls bedecked in relics of fallen and failed villains in Grand Haven - a morbid reminder of the price of failure. Cape aficionados would notice Prince Pestilence's gas mask on one wall, a broken one of templars guns on another. A small pile of ash in a jar purports to be the remains of arsenal, and several of her cybernetics are on display too.

A seedy bartender dispenses drinks, and behind him is a large job board, offering missions from local villains as well as big national players including the Goodmans, The Elite and the Fallen.

This is the King’s Ransom.


A bar A deadpool


Founded by Kingpin, Glimmer, Queen and Redshift using the money from the prince bounty in mid 2019.


Parahumans Online
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