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The Urban Jungle

“What the Fuck is that” ~horizon

Status Active
Location Above zones 8 and 9
Owner(s) kessler


A large sprawling complex of mechanical plant and animal life, constantly shifting and rearranging itself in order to grow larger for some unknown purpose


a sprawling production facility lies at the bottom of an enormous Bio-Mechanical tree, dedicated to producing all known forms of Urban Jungle wildlife

The heat sink was a large array of processors designed to vent off excess heat from the computer systems, the Machines guarding this place disliked the light, as the area uses weather manipulation technology to keep itself cool and dark


As of January, the industrial district was shaken by a multitude of tremors which proceeded the machinery emerging from the ground, it then proceeded to block off all forms of communication out of the district, presumably to avoid being attacked by capes. this continued until a group of capes infiltrated the area and destroyed the main processor.

recently the district has been shut down by the PRT, but reports indicate that there is some activity in the exclusion zone, by what is unclear.


Parahumans Online
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