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The Blacksite

The sleeper must not wake.

“curtain reestablished

master protocols disengaged

psychic leakage: minimal

returning to baseline heartbeat”

“A sad monster. I can hear it sometimes, I think. When I sleep.”

Status Active
Location The Blacksite
Owner(s) Government Blacksite Division


The Blacksite is a multi-layered area, possibly alternate reality. Something is held at the lowest level, something sad and asleep. Each level presumably has one Key - a parahuman who can open the gate to the next level. Explorations have only been on the first level of the Blacksite as of now.

Concrete wall around Blacksite is a reactive defence, changing form to mirror incoming attacks or attempts to go over it. Wall is safe and permeable to people from the outside - portal to an alternate reality? This wall is impassable from the inside, tying into the theory that the Blacksite is containment for something. Can teleportation be used to exit the Blacksite? Unknown.


Blacksite division capes (Last Alphabet, Overload)

Plato - Thinker, sees possibilities and future paths. Enigma - Stranger, related to hiding things and memory


Site of the final confrontation with Victoria of the Nightingales.


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